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Jemima Wyman Australia b.1977 / Aggregate Icon (Kaleidoscopic Catchment) 2014 / Hand cut digital photographs / 200cm (diam.) / Commissioned by the Queensland Art Gallery | Gallery of Modern Art Children’s Art Centre for Jemima Wyman ‘Pattern Bandits’ / Collection: The artist
5 MARCH 2014
The transformative and immersive qualities of camouflage, kaleidoscopes and other patterns will be explored in an exhibition by Los Angeles-based Australian artist Jemima Wyman at the Gallery of Modern Art's Children's Art Centre from April 5 to November 2.

Queensland Art Gallery | Gallery of Modern Art (QAGOMA) Director Chris Saines said Jemima Wyman's 'Pattern Bandits' is the latest in an ongoing series of Children's Art Centre exhibitions by leading Australian artists.

'Jemima Wyman is the sixth Australian artist we've collaborated with on a major interactive children's exhibition, following Gordon Hookey, Fiona Hall, Pip & Pop, Callum Morton and Anne Wallace,' Mr Saines said.

'Each of these artists created immersive interactive environments that draw young visitors into the central ideas of their works.

'In a space that juxtaposes and contrasts camouflage, tie-dye and paisley, 'Pattern Bandits' looks at how patterns are used as a marker of personal and group identity, while referring to the psychological, political and historical associations they can carry,' he said.

The striking entry wall to the exhibition, based on Wyman's painting Riot 2013, will encourage visitors to explore patterns and our physical interaction with them.

In the exhibition, children can create their own personalised bandannas and perform with the artist's instructional video Pattern Power Moves; become part of an architectural pattern in Kaleidoscopic Tessellations, and explore the multimedia patterned walls of Harlequin Hallway.

Young visitors can also make individual collages and add them to a giant spinning wallpaper in the Spinning Wall Mandala Portal.

A large-scale collage by Wyman, Aggregate Icon (Kaledoscopic Catchment) 2014, commissioned for the exhibition will also be on display as part of 'Pattern Bandits'.

Ms Wyman said the exhibition encouraged visitors to think about the interconnectedness of bodies with each other and with space.

'I hope that children, through their interaction with the work, will be encouraged to think about other people's perspectives and also the way they connect with their surrounding environment,' she said.

The Children's Art Centre is sponsored by Santos GLNG and Santos Vice President Queensland Trevor Brown said that with a 50 year history in Queensland, Santos was proud of its significant contribution to the state.

'As an Australian company, we have a track record of investing the benefits of a world-class gas industry back into community infrastructure and events,' Mr Brown said.

'Helping to bring this interactive art project to the Children's Arts Centre is just one example of how Santos is delivering benefits for the community.

'I hope that children and their families thoroughly enjoy the exhibition.'

QAGOMA continues its award-winning series of children's publications with a new activity-based book to accompany the exhibition, to be released in June.

To celebrate 2014 National Youth Week, Jemima Wyman will present 'Radical Make-shift', a hands-on workshop for teens on the opening weekend of 'Pattern Bandits', from 1.30pm Sunday April 6. The workshop will feature collaborations with Brisbane-based emerging artists, exploring the themes in the exhibition and the ideas behind Wyman's practice.
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