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Let Googi guide you around
'Story Place'

Googi — an Indigenous (Jirrbal) word for ‘flying fox’ — is the mascot for the children’s program which was presented as part of the ‘Story Place’ exhibition at the Queensland Art Gallery from 25 July to 9 November 2003. Flying foxes are often seen in Indigenous art and performance from the Cape.

Read on to find out what was on at Googi’s place.

Googi's Place

Googi’s Place is a special area within the exhibition that features free activities and games for children, available every day during the exhibition.

  • Make a rubbing of textures from Cape York’s natural environment — from crocodile skin and fish scales, to rainforest leaves and milkwood grain.
  • Learn some Indigenous words and their meanings in ‘Googi Spin’.
  • Help put a crocodile and dingo back together (from the inside out!) in a Bone Puzzle activity.
  • Try your hand at weaving with natural and man-made fibres.
  • Discover rock art stories of the Quinkan spirits from far north Queensland.
  • View original illustrations of ‘The Rainbow Serpent’ story by artists Goobalathaldin (Dick Roughsey) and Percy Trezise.


Activity books and labels

A free activity book for children is available from the Information Desk. Pick up a copy and take an interactive journey through the ‘Story Place’ exhibition with your child. Children’s labels (featuring Googi) can also be found throughout the exhibition. These labels are specially designed to stimulate discussions with your child about the art works on display.


Sunday at the Gallery

2.00–4.00pm 7 & 21 September
Learn about the ‘Story Place’ exhibition through these free, creative programs especially for children and families. Sculpture Courtyard
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activities at Googi's place
Young visitor participating in the Googi Post activity in Googi's Place.
activities at Googi's place
A young visitor experiments with a range of colours and textures
in the Googi's Place weaving activity area.
activities at Googi's place
Visitors of all ages enjoy making rubbings from Cape York's
natural environment.

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Header image: Philomena Yeatman Yagal Mura Mura (detail) 2002
Collection: Queensland Art Gallery