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GUAN Wei China/Australia
Les vents (The winds) 1997
Durriya KAZI Pakistan &
David ALESWORTH United Kingdom
Very very sweet medina (Home sweet home) 1999

Bhupen KHAKHAR India
Portraits of my mother and my father going to Yatra 1971
NGUYEN Minh Thanh Vietnam
Portrait of mother 1998

House of heavens 1995
Nilima SHEIKH India
Shamiana 1996
Detail, Birth 2

Natee UTARIT Thailand
Mother (from `Appearance and reality' series) 1998
WANG Jinsong China
(Untitled) (no. 5 from `Standard family' series) 1996

WONG Hoy Cheong Malaysia
In search of faraway places (from `Migrants' series) 1996
ZHANG Xiaogang China
Three comrades (from 'Bloodline: The big family' series) 1994
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