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Gwyn Hanssen Pigott / Trail with dark beakers 2008–13 / Woodfired porcelaneous stoneware / Queensland Art Gallery Collection / Image courtesy: Erskine, Hall & Coe Ltd. / Photograph: John Downs
16 OCTOBER 2013
The Queensland Art Gallery | Gallery of Modern Art (QAGOMA) is acquiring one of the final works fired by the late Gwyn Hanssen Pigott, the influential Australian potter who passed away in London earlier this year.

Ahead of paying tribute to the artist in a memorial service held at the Gallery this afternoon, QAGOMA Director Chris Saines said Ms Hanssen Pigott would be greatly missed by the Queensland, Australian and international art communities.

'The Gallery is hugely fortunate to have worked with a practitioner of such consistent vision and precise standards of execution,’ he said.

‘I’m delighted to announce we have acquired Trail with dark beakers 200813 for Queensland audiences to enjoy.

‘The new work will complement nine others in the Collection, including the remarkable Travellers no. 3 2001 and Drift 2005.’

Mr Saines said Trail, consisting of seven pieces of wood-fired stoneware, was shown at an exhibition at London’s renowned ceramics gallery Erskine, Hall and Coe earlier this year.

‘The materials and techniques in Gwyn’s distinctive works connect the modern studio model of pottery with the traditional stoneware of France and delicate Chinese celadon tea bowls. Her feeling for space recalls the still lifes of twentieth century Italian painter Giorgio Morandi, exploring relationships of distance and shape between individual forms,’ he said.

Ms Pigott last visited QAG in March, when she installed her 1994 work Dark still life with silver beaker in the exhibition ‘A Private Collection – Artist's Choice: Michael Zavros’.

Born in Ballarat in 1935, Gwyn Hanssen Pigott studied in Victoria, then England, before establishing a pottery in London in 1960, and later relocated to Achères, France. She returned to Australia in 1973 and worked in New South Wales, Tasmania and South Australia, before moving to Queensland where she was based in Brisbane, Mackay and, finally, Ipswich since 2000.
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