The Queensland Art Gallery wishes to express its special thanks to the sponsors, the artists and their representatives, and the lenders to the exhibition.

Director: Doug Hall

Project development & direction: Andrew Clark and Lynne Seear

Curatorial Team: Doug Hall, Suhanya Raffel, Rhana Devenport, Julie Ewington, Anne Kirker, Michael Beckmann (Kids' APT) and Maud Page (Pasifika Divas).


Project coordination: Matthew Kassay

Content coordination: Alison Lee

Design and Interface: Thom Saunders (ZONE4 Digital Media)

Programming: Joel Finch (2am Webworks)

Documentary photography: Ray Fulton, Matthew Kassay and Natasha Harth

Documentary video: Ben Wickes

Multimedia enhancements: Richard Stevens (Liveworm Studio)

QuickTime virtual reality enhancements: Ben Elliott

Image processing: Jo Beutel, Matthew Kassay and Elliott Murray

Text: Alison Lee; David Burnett and Sally Butler (Education Resource Kit); Melina Mallos (Kidsí APT)

Research: David Burnett, Rhana Devenport, Julie Ewington, Doug Hall, Anne Kirker, Maud Page, Avril Quaill, Lynne Seear, Sarah Tiffin and Julie Walsh

Editing: Judy Gunning and Kylie Timmins; Barbara McKenzie (Education Resource Kit)

Special thanks to: Fay Edis, Michael Hawker, Elliott Murray and Chris Starr

Photographic credits

All photography is credited as known.