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The Asia-Pacific Triennial 2002 featured the work of 16 significant artists and a performance collective from the Asia-Pacific region including Nam June Paik, Yayoi Kusama and Heri Dono. Each artist was represented in the exhibition by a coherent body of work, allowing students to explore each artist’s practice in detail.

APT 2002 revealed the innovative and challenging aspects of the contemporary art of the region. This art is a product of diverse traditions, histories and cultural encounters, continuing cross-cultural influences and recent economic and technological changes.

A significant program for children, called Kids’ APT, was presented within the exhibition. The aim of Kids’ APT was to create meaningful interactions between children and contemporary art by providing access to a range of interactive programs and educational experiences especially created for children aged 3–12 years.

Educational resources

- A revised and expanded version of the APT 2002 Education Resource Kit, developed with the assistance of the Curriculum Corporation and the Asia Education Foundation, is available for downloading (as a series of PDF files) from this website. The education kit caters primarily for a secondary audience, although primary educators will find the images in the kit useful and may also wish to adapt and modify other aspects of the kit for classroom use with a primary audience.

- A major feature of APT 2002 was the inclusion of an interactive activity space for children within the exhibition. This area provided an opportunity for hands-on creative interaction with artworks specially created by a selection of the artists.

- A free children’s activity book featured lots of interesting and fun educational ideas to delight and captivate primary-aged children as well as enhance their enjoyment of the exhibition.

- Within APT 2002, selected artworks were accompanied by easy-to-read children’s labels with questions designed to enhance younger children’s understanding of the artwork.

- Didactic panels and interpretative resources accompanied the exhibition.

- A 160 page colour APT 2002 catalogue, postcards and merchandise are available from the Gallery Store.

- An online Kids’ Gallery demonstrates how children have responded in imaginative ways to the themes of the exhibition.

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