Born 1966
Beijing, China
Lives and works in Beijing, China

Selected solo exhibitions*
2001 'Celebration of Life', Courtyard Gallery, Beijing
2000 'Song Dong in London', Gasworks' Open Studio and Tablet at the
Tabernacle, London, UK (installation and performance)
1999 'Jump', Tian An Men, Beijing; Italy (performance)
1998 'Temporary Office Construction', Gallery Tao, Beijing
1997 'Slap', Ruin for Arts, Berlin, Germany
'1997.6.30 – 1997.7.1 60min', Shen Zhen (performance)
'Filling Up the Sea With 158 Stones (1840–1997)', Shen Zhen
(environmental performance)
'Look', Museum of Contemporary Art, Beijing
1996 'Taking It Out of the Brocade Bag', Forty-One Middle High School,
'Printing on Water', Lhasa River, Tibet (performance)
'Uncovering', Capital Normal University Museum, Beijing
'Still Breathing', Tian An Men and Hou Hai, Beijing (performances)
1995 'Heavenly Secret', Hou Hai Teahouse, Beijing (sound installation)
'Bei Fang', Zhao Yao Gallery, Beijing
'Secret Divulging', Ban Shang Hu Tong No.23, Beijing
'Chinese Medicine', Bao Fang Hu Tong No.12, Beijing
Since 1995–ongoing
'Stone Throwing Environmental Performance'
'Writing Diary With Water', private and personal
1994 'Life with Cultural Noodles', Ban Shang Hu Tong No.23,
Forty-One Middle High School, Beijing (video and installation)
'Another Lesson: Do You Want to Play With Me?', Central Academy of
Fine Arts Gallery, Beijing (installation and performance)

Selected group exhibitions*
2002 'Shot In The Face', Earl Lu Gallery, Lasalle SIA College of the Arts,
4th Annual Video Marathon, Art In General, New York, USA
'On The Way After Timbuktu', IFA Gallery, Berlin, Germany
'Gwangju Biennale 2002: Projects 1 & 2: Pause, Conception', Korea
2001 'Living In Time', Museum fur Gegenwart, Hamburg Station, Germany
'Reinventing the Images and Signs', Huanyu Jingdian Cultural Centre,
'Travellers' Tales', InIVA On Line
'Kaleidoscope', Art Beatus Gallery, Vancouver, Canada
`Virtual Future: An Exhibition of Chinese Contemporary Art: The 21st
Century Chinese Arts Anthology’, Guandong Museum of Art
2000 '18th World Wide Video Festival', Amsterdam, The Netherlands
'Canceled: Exhibiting Experimental Art in China', Smart Museum of Art,
University of Chicago, USA
'Expo 2000 Hannover', Germany
'2000 China: Internet Video and Photo Art', Jilin Provincial Art
'Fuck Off', Eastlink Gallery, Shanghai
'New Conceptual Photography: China Scene', Century Theatre, Beijing
'Microwave Festival 2000', Hong Kong
Chengdu Contemporary Art Museum
'Unusual and Usual: A Contemporary Art Exhibition', Yuangong
Modern Art Museum, Shanghai
1999 'Transience: Chinese Experimental Art at the End of the Twentieth
Century', Smart Museum of Art, University of Chicago, USA
Amsterdam Fest, The Netherlands
'KHOJ '99: International Artists' Workshop', the British Council Gallery,
New Delhi, India
'Cities On The Move 7', Kiasma Museum of Contemporary Art,
Helsinki, Finland
'At the New Century 1979–1999 China Contemporary Art's Works',
Chengdu Contemporary Art Museum
'Beijing Document', Goethe Institute, Beijing
'Fast>>Forward: New Chinese Video Art', Centro de Arte Contemporanea de Macau, Hong Kong
'Art for Sale', Shanghai Square
'Transmediale '99', Berlin, Germany
7th International Media Art Biennale, Wroclaw, Poland
'Next Generation's Instructions to Deal With Emergencies', Dong Fang
Children's Centre, Shanghai
1998 'Inside Out: New Chinese Art', Asia Society Galleries, New York,
USA; Australia
'It's Me! A Profile of Chinese Contemporary Art in the '90s', Forbidden
City, Taimiao, Beijing
'Space and Vision: The Impression of Transmuting Daily Lives in Beijing 1998', Beijing Contemporary Art Gallery
'Site Art Project', Walking Museum in Takashimaya, Tokyo, Japan
'Transmediale '98', Berlin, Germany
'Trace of Existence: A Private Showing of China Contemporary Art '98', Art Now Studio, Beijing
1997 'Wildlife: Starting from 1997 Jingzhe', Beijing, Shanghai, Chengdu,
'Steirischer Herbst '97', Graz, Austria
'Demonstration of Video Art '97', The Central Academy of Fine Arts
Gallery, Beijing
1996 ‘1st Academic Exhibition of Chinese Contemporary Art', China
National Gallery, Beijing
'Reality: Present and Future', Art Gallery of Beijing International Art
'96 International Com-Art Show', Suwon, Korea
'Out of the White Cube', Hong Kong
1995 'File No.1 Conceptual Documents For Impossible Art', 1995 Soho
Bienniale, New York, USA
'Open Your Mouth, Close Your Eyes: Beijing-Berlin Art
Communication', The Art Museum of Capital Normal University
Museum, Beijing
'InfoART: '95 Kwangju Biennale', Korea
'New Asian Art Show — 1995: China, Korea, Japan', Kilin Plaza, Osaka, Japan
1994 '94 International Com-Art Show', The Art Museum of Capital Normal
University, Beijing
'Post-October 1st', Zhao Yao Gallery, Beijing
‘3rd Document Exhibition of Chinese Contemporary Art',
1992 'The 1st Guangzhou Biennale'
1991 '1st Annual Exhibition of Chinese Oil Painting', Chinese History
Museum, Beijing
1989 'The 7th National Exhibition of Fine Arts', Nanjing Museum
1988 'New Time Painting Exhibition', China National Gallery, Beijing

Qualifications, grants & awards*
UNESCO–ASCHBERG Bursary for Artists, Residency at Gasworks
Artists' Studios, London, UK
1989 BA (Oil Painting), Capital Normal University, Beijing
Capital Normal University Museum, Beijing
Fukuoka Asian Art Museum, Japan

* All China unless otherwise stated

Selected bibliography

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